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Peace & Life Connections #192
January 10, 2014

The Maturing of Civil Disobedience: Judge Gives Unusual Sentence
        Several protesters of a new nuclear weapons parts-making plant in Kansas City, Missouri trespassed on the property of the plant in a demonstration last July and were tried last December. A number of them were Catholic Workers; many CW groups and individuals are among our supporters.
        The judge allowed all kind of things judges normally don’t allow and gave protesters free rein to testify; he said he’d volunteered to take the case because he found it interesting. He was in tune with Rosa Parks and the Civil Rights movement, and therefore the tradition of civil disobedience. He did find the defendants guilty, and this is the sentence he gave: write a one-page essay on each of six specific questions. These will be put into the permanent court record.
        A full report of the trial and the six questions are in the National Catholic Reporter. It's so heartening to see as much thoughtfulness in this court sentence as there was in the action for which the sentence was passed.
192 no nukes
Photo courtesy of Jim Hannah; downtown march before the trial
Born Privilege
        Rebecca Stapleford writes a piece on the Secular Prolife Perspectives blog which starts: “Chances are, if you’ve been exposed to the writings and ideas of the modern progressive social justice movement, you’ve encountered the concept of privilege—a common term used to describe the favorable treatment of certain groups by society as held in contrast to the discrimination faced by other groups.” She offers a checklist of how this concept applies to those of us already born – with, as she says, a couple of exceptions for death row inmates, we’re quite a privileged group!
Volunteers Needed
192 graphic 1        We’d like to have someone videotape us at our events at the March for Life (D.C. and San Francisco), so if you’ll be there and have the equipment and skill and a bit of enthusiasm, please write Bill Samuel at  We will also want volunteers to videotape at the Life/Peace/Justice Conference in Philadelphia March 29.
        We also are very interested in making more effective use of our online presence, and are seeking tech-savvy and/or advocacy-savvy volunteers to advise us on how to better take advantage of the ever-changing milieu of the Internet (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.)to reach more people and groups, and spread the message of peace and life far and wide!   If you can help or if you even just have a quick suggestion, write to Bill Samuel at

Quotation of the Week
Chris Rostenberg
“Psychiatrists Censor Pro-Life Speech,” Human Life Review, December 6, 2013
         When I told my therapist about my anguish over prenatal homicide, she silenced me. She was a young, female therapist at a psychiatric hospital and she said she did not want to “get political.” She threatened to throw me out if I mentioned abortion again. I asked how she would respond if a patient wanted help dealing with the 9/11 attack or wars in the Middle East. She would not tolerate such questions and kicked me out of her office . . .  Censorship regarding unborn human rights is not unbiased; it helps the dominant side (which is pro-choice-to-kill) and the side that would suffer under fair debate (again the pro-choice-to-kill side). . . . The problem is that prebirth infanticide is tolerated, not because it is acceptable, but because it is so dreadful people cannot easily wrap their minds around it.
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