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Peace & Life Connections #225
August 29, 2014

PBS Propaganda on Late-term Abortions
       PBS is the taxpayer-and-donor funded television network in the United States. On September 1 its POV (Point of View) series will air a documentary called “After Tiller.” See the chilling description here. Comments on that page indicate much anger already. Since the airing of the program can’t be stopped at this point, perhaps we can be constructive by suggesting they balance this one-sided presentation with another stereotype-free report describing any of the many forms of positive, stereotype-free life-affirming views and practices. U.S. nation-wide phone: 1-703-739-5000. 

Hollywood Movie: The Giver
        The Giver movie is based on a book for young people by Lois Lowry that sold over 10 million copies, so the story has huge appeal. Prolife commentators note its dystopian world is a controlled one with infanticide and euthanasia and the euphemism of “release to elsewhere” for executing troublemakers. But consistent-lifers notice another theme: the reason for the colorless controlled world was revulsion against war, a graphic revulsion that the rebellious hero shares.
         But he’s startled to realize his world hasn’t abolished murder; only given it another name. People are committing murder without realizing this is what they’re doing, because their deep emotions are blocked, love is regarded as imprecise and problematic, and they’ve lost memories. The Hollywood ending restores their memories and emotions and the gentle execution stops right away; the stopping of ongoing infanticide and euthanasia as well is implied.
        Does this not fit the world the oncoming generation has grown up in? Their parental and grandparental generations were full of people active against the American war in Vietnam, but with the left-wing/right-wing dynamic also insisted on abortion as a “right” with infanticide possible on the reasoning’s slippery slope. Working against one kind of killing and then promoting another, these were people who rebelled against war but then forgot what murder is.
        The ending where the characters are reminded what murder is would make this a therapeutic story for young people, helping to account for its popularity.
Starvin’ for Justice
        CL Board member Tony Masalonis reports: “I attended the annual Starvin’ for Justice anti-death penalty vigil at the Supreme Court on June 29 and participated in a partial 4-day fast from June 29 to July 2.  Without my expecting this or asking to do so, one of the organizers of the vigil, Abe Bonowitz, invited me to speak for a few moments.  I talked about CL and our work, and about my personal program to advocate with state officials for every prisoner scheduled for execution in the US and some outside the US.” Contact us at for more information about Tony’s program. See here and here for current lists of upcoming executions.
225 Tony
Quotation of the Week
Richard Stith
See: Her Choice, Her Problem
        People are harmed by being given a choice as to whether they should live or die, because the very fact of having a choice entails the notion that one's existence must be justified rather than taken as a given, regardless of how one exercises that choice. 
        We also come to expect a certain choice as rational. If someone fails to make that rational choice, we then look down on her, and so may deny her psychological or financial support. "Stop complaining about how hard it is to raise a kid with Down Syndrome. You knew that before he was born and chose not to abort him!" or "Stop complaining about the lack of adequate government financing of your nursing home care. You always have a free Medicare euthanasia pill available if things get too tough for you."
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